Why Do We Love Apps

Why Do We Love Apps

What is a mobile app? A mobile app is a computer program designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Apps have been around forever. In the ‘old days’, around 1978, we used to call them software applications for personal computers.

Whether for social networking, business use, personal finance, gaming, reading or any other purpose, there is no doubt that smartphone and tablet users are all about apps.

People are crazy about their apps although this is not surprising as apps are easy to use, convenient, quick and seamless. We all love apps because they support our busy modern lifestyles and there really is an app for everything.

Reasons we lover apps are:

  • Apps can send you push notifications to provide you with personalized alerts and reminders e.g. the weather forecast in your area, call reminders and birthday and event reminders. These notifications allow you to get news and updates upfront.
  • Apps allow you to do anything, anywhere. At the tap of a screen you can send personalized notes to family and friends learn to play an instrument on the daily commute or even play the latest games on your lunch break.
  • Apps that link to your location can direct you to the nearest shops, restaurants and even alert you to the local deals when you arrive in the area or suggested location.
  • Certain apps can provide you with a one-stop place to find all the information you need instead of searching through separate settings and phone screens for your photos, calendar, emails, maps and contacts.
  • You can download apps to keep you connected to family, friends and colleagues by being able to share photos and notes with each other.
  • App stores keep you updated with new and upcoming app releases to enable you to stay on top of the latest trend and discover what is good and bad before others try it.
  • Apps can help you decide on recipes and tell you the best/cheapest place to buy the ingredients and even enable you to have them delivered to your door, whereas previously, before development, apps were just used to entertain before eating dinner.

There are app stores available for each of the mobile operating systems such as Google Play, Windows Phone Store and iTunes and some of these app stores have over 1,000,000 apps available for download and have an average of 640 new apps added to their collection daily. Apps are changing all the time and 63% of daily apps used today are different from the daily apps used a year ago.

With constant development and progression, apps will soon be fully usable for most aspects of day to day living and will seamlessly connect to the user’s individual needs.


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