Want To Grow Your Business Hyper-Locally? Try Geofencing

Want To Grow Your Business Hyper-Locally? Try Geofencing

If you’re looking to harness the power of mobile advertising for your business and your priority is to reach out to customers in your locality, then geofencing might well be the advertising tactic for you. By taking advantage of geofencing technology, you can target not just those customers in the same town as you, but also those who are a mere street away. Using this form of advertising effectively, you can achieve conversions like open rates, redemption rates, sales and greater brand loyalty. In short, it’s ideal for growing your business hyper-locally.

But what is geofencing and how does it work? Well, when a user downloads an app and is asked if it can access their location, should they agree, the app will then be armed with the knowledge of their exact location – and know when they enter or exit a business’s area of specific interest. So, whenever the user enters the area, they’ll be sent messages and prompts (i.e. discounted offers). In most cases, the user’s likely to be agreeable for the business monitoring them because it will mean they can use the app free of charge.

Essentially, the three benefits of geofencing are the ability to:

  • create hyper-local campaigns – best executed to reach people within a five-minute radius of you


  • develop and target an audience – learn about your customers’ behaviours (if you have an outlet, how often do they visit you?), then you can target, for instance, ‘reward card’ customers


  • deliver good content – you can make sure your marketing content’s pertinent and strong by getting through to the right people at the right times for your business.


Geofencing techniques

At Appstrue, we’re only too happy to aid you in leveraging the opportunities offered by geofencing for local advertising, so if you wish to know more by all means contact us. The three primary geofencing techniques are:

  • SMS geofencing – the sending of an automatic SMS as a prompt when customers move within your ‘geofence’


  • display advertising – arguably the most popular technique, native ads are sent to specific customers based on their mobile locations or IP addresses


  • social media advertising – the use of location information to display social media ads; ideal for reaching all those potential customers who regularly use Twitter and Facebook.

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