The power of three: 3 reasons why your business needs an app

In business, as in life, everything ultimately boils down to one thing: money. And few companies would bother investing cash in launching and maintaining an app if it incurred heavy expense. But it needn’t do so, especially if you partner with us at appstrue in building and establishing your app. In fact, it’s precisely because of this that apps are levelling the playing field between smaller/ medium-sized businesses and their bigger, richer rivals. Why? Because smaller companies aren’t just realising they can afford apps, they’re realising the enormous benefits apps can bring them. What to know what these are…?

Sales team superstar
One motivator for you to put time and money into a business app is the fact it’ll effectively become a new, highly efficient member of your sales team. And not just that, but likely your only sales rep capable of making and processing multiple sales at the same time – anytime and anywhere. How can you be sure of this? Well, nowadays around 87% of smartphone users admit they use their mobile devices to do shopping-related things; that staggeringly high statistic means an app really could work out to be a game-changer for your company.

apps for small businesses

And that’s thanks to the e-commerce capabilities it would offer customers. Mobile shopping carts, loyalty cards, in-app coupons, ordering and booking options, comprehensive menus and catalogues; these many and varied e-commerce features mean that for all users it’s not just possible for them to book and order services and purchase goods on the go, but easier than any before to do so. And thanks to the universal capabilities of apps for small businesses, don’t doubt it; these fantastic features aren’t just the confines of large competitors, they’re just as available to you – their smaller-scale competitors.

Incredible connectivity
Because marketing and, in part, running your business via an app allows customers to take a more participatory role, it means what your business does through your app can naturally and immediately become connected with your operations on social media. How so? Because customers primarily access both apps and sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on their smartphones and tablets, thus interconnectivity isn’t just possible, it’s highly advantageous for a company.

Efficiency driver
As an app offers so many different capabilities, it has the capacity to enable customers to schedule services your business might offer themselves (for instance, if you run a restaurant, your clients will be able to book tables and even order from menus before they set foot in the restaurant itself). A big benefit of this being you and your staff could then, if you wish, focus on running things instead of being side-tracked handling reservations.

But what does this mean for you in the long run? Improved efficiency – it helps you to streamline how your business manages its resources. And it’s something that’s catching on fast; recent research shows that businesses across the United States alone are saving $67.5 billion a year thanks to mobile technologies. If that doesn’t convince you that to think of an app for your business is to think big for your business, surely nothing will!

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