The Importance Of Apps

The Importance Of Apps

Everyone knows the importance of the internet in the modern world to any kind of business, whatever marketplace you are operating in. Increasingly, with mobile devices more ubiquitous than ever, apps are becoming a crucial part of any online business. People are spending more time than ever online, much of which is spent in mobile devices, and the majority of that is spent in mobile apps. They’re beginning to dominate the digital world, and businesses should take note.

An eMarketer campaign from 2013 found that Americans spend an average of 2 hours and 21 minutes per day on mobile devices – a huge increase from just three years earlier, when the figure stood at twenty-four minutes. A study by Flurry found that as much as 80% of this time is spent in apps. This is for a variety of reasons, chief among which is the convenience which apps allow to customers who are on the move in our increasingly time-pressed society. While browsing a website entails either sitting at a desk or going through an often awkward and non-optimized experience on a smartphone, apps collect all the information into one place and are designed to be used on a phone so are often very user-friendly.

Another huge benefit of companies having their own apps is the opportunity they provide for interaction between a company and their customers. Push notifications are a hugely effective way of staying in a customer’s awareness and encouraging them to buy more products with offers, discounts and promotions. Promotional email messages have around a 4% read rate, as opposed to around a 97% read rate for push notifications. They also improve customer experience, keeping them up-to-date with the latest launches and special events, and in-app messaging allowing customers to have their queries answered directly. Geo-fencing can give customers directions to a company’s location from wherever they are, and can also allow the company to send them a push notification when they’re nearby, to encourage them to return.

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