The big upload: is your app ready for Christmas Day?

The big upload: is your app ready for Christmas Day?

It’s long been a tradition people will get their hands on – and so start playing with – a new handheld device on December 25th. Don’t doubt it, business owners who have embraced the app revolution and are thriving thanks to it should think on this. Because what will all these new smartphone-owning punters be likely doing this Christmas Day? Surfing the Internet and downloading new and (for them) pre-existing mobile applications; that’s what.

The statistics back this up. US mobile analytics company Flurry tracked people’s Internet activity on December 25th last year and discovered that they installed 2.5 times the number of apps compared to the average day in the first three weeks of December 2014.

So are you prepared? Is your app in fit shape to be discovered, re-discovered and installed by a consumer eager to try out your services or happy to continue their relationship with your business? What have you done to make sure it’s ready for the uploading avalanche?

Well, if you’re considering a design rejig at the eleventh hour, don’t worry it’s probably pretty much too late now. However, there are one or two things you can focus on to ensure your app picks up both new and pre-existing users during the big app install at Christmas

It pays to advertise

This is all about pre-empting your customers’ desire to re-install your app. A great way is to remind them of its existence. Yes, of course they’ll already know it exists because they use it on their current device, but through advertising on social media you can hopefully lodge the thought even stronger in their mind. For instance, when putting an ad up on Facebook dedicated to app install (an actual Facebook ad option, by the way), be sure it contains clear descriptions so they can then find it easily in the App Store. Facebook ads like these are more expensive for Christmas Day, admittedly, but may prove very worthwhile, especially as you can also boost the ad.

Ratings boost rankings

Quite frankly, getting your app uploaded comes down to getting noticed. And this, in turn, comes down to your rankings. Now, if your app hasn’t been around for very long or Apple hasn’t decided to feature you (perhaps because of this), one way to try to improve your rankings is to request pre-existing customers rate your app so it shoots up the rankings. You might use branch dashboard to find out who your ‘top raters’ are and reward them for their loyalty.
Quality content is king

In the end, you can advertise your app to the hilt, but unless it’s a gateway to good content, you’re not going to hold on to users nor make the most of launching and maintaining an app for your business. It may be obvious to say that it’s quality content that’s the most likely to be shared, but it’s worth reminding yourself of this fact so your content remains as strong and as shareable as possible via your app.

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