the app deficit – and why you shouldn’t be part of it

the app deficit – and why you shouldn’t be part of it

Small and medium-sized businesses are fantastic at being nimble, flexible and moving with the times – they have to be to compete and succeed in crowded markets with bigger rivals. Which makes it all the more odd that a good number of SMEs are yet to embrace the app revolution. Why? Well, here some major reasons – and why your business can’t afford to be among the ranks of the app-less…

Creating an app is easy
Take it from us at appstrue, it’s a false assumption that building and launching an app is difficult and too big and time-consuming a challenge. So long as you work out exactly why and how an app will contribute to and boost your company’s activities and plan what you’re going to do with it once it’s launched, the chances of it being a real business win-win are huge. We can obviously help you with this whole process and will be only too happy to do so.

A necessity; not a luxury
You may feel your customer base already knows all about you and where you’re based (for instance, they know exactly where your outlet is), thus why launch an app to inform them where you are? Well, sure, that’s a good point; but just because they’re familiar with you doesn’t mean they’re as loyal as they might be. An app could provide a big help here in driving casual customers away from your competitors and into your willing arms. How so? By making your company ‘top of mind’.

Once you’ve decided to create a business app, launched it and customers have downloaded it, your attractive offering’ll be on their smartphone’s desktop all the time, reminding them of your existence over those of your rivals. Meanwhile, via the likes of smartly targeted alerts and push notifications, you can offer discounts, ideas and info to them every single day.

In fact, an app can be an entire mobile business operating system, when used to its full potential. Through it, you can enable users to reserve tables, seats or goods, deliver coupons to them, generate QR codes for them and even share photos of their experience with your company with all the app’s other users. Through an effective app then, you can connect with, engage with and build the loyalty of your customers better than ever before.

Level the playing field
Too many SME owners think digital technology always favours large corporations, helping then to edge out smaller companies. But that misconception only persists because big, effective businesses have long been smart and successful at leveraging digital technology’s potential. That’s not to say SMEs are slow to embrace new technology, but they can be when it comes to embracing change; they can be scared to take so-called risks. Throwing yourself into digital tech and launching an app isn’t a risk, though; as we’ve pointed out above it might even be a necessity in today’s fast evolving digital world.

In which case, the best way to look on a business app and all its revenue-producing goodness is as a fantastic opportunity – a digital slingshot for you as a David to take on the Goliath-like big boys. When it comes to the tech available, the gap between the big and not-so-big of business has never been smaller. The app revolution is no more; the app is now a part of the business establishment – can you really afford to be outside of it?

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