Takeaways And Mobile Apps

Takeaways And Mobile Apps

Everyone loves a takeaway, and as those winter months draw in and the nights get longer, colder and darker, our cravings are only going to increase. The internet age has made ordering a takeaway so simple: just log on to the takeaway’s website, or that of a platform like Just Eat, and you can have all your delivery details, payment information and even your favourite orders already saved and ready to go at the click of a button. Of course, smartphones have made this process even easier, and a number of companies and platforms are developing apps which mean that you can order your dinner wherever you are, be it your commute, the comfort of your own living room, or anywhere else.

The convenience of modern technology is one of the factors contributing to a surge in takeaway ordering in Britain. By the end of the decade, it’s predicted that our increasingly time-pressed population will spend almost £8 billion on takeaways per year. Money spent on pizza, curry and Chinese food – our favourite go-to takeaways – is expected to grow by 28% this decade. Domino’s Pizza, one of the most popular takeaway companies, is among those reaping the benefits, as indicated by its quarterly sales figures: up 21% to £200 million. Crucially, Domino’s has put a huge amount of this down to their smartphone app. 75% of their orders were placed online, and of these, 61% were made with mobile devices.

The same trends that have been benefitting individual takeaway companies also apply to online food ordering platforms. Just Eat, the UK’s largest online takeaway group, has reported a sales increase of 54% in the first half of this year. Benefits of mobile apps for takeaway companies include the ability to give customers up-to-date menus and offers, in a way which is impossible with the traditional, leaflets-through-letterboxes approach. Ultimately, though, they have been so successful in boosting sales for a simple reason, as outlined by Domino’s chief executive David Wild: “The easier you make it to order, the more you will order.”

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