Statistically Proven: Data Confirms Apps Benefit Restaurants And Takeaways

Statistically Proven: Data Confirms Apps Benefit Restaurants And Takeaways

Developing and running apps is becoming more than a just trend for businesses – it’s now a natural step in boosting revenue. And the way apps do this makes them perfectly suited to food and drink businesses, including the likes of restaurants and takeaways.

If you own such a business and haven’t yet launched an app, you need to ask yourself why. The benefits of doing so far outweigh the initial cost; in short, it’s an unquestionable investment for your company. And there’s statistical data to back that up.

Last April, thanks to a survey of different small businesses, apps developer Appsme discovered that 77% of restaurant owners had found an app improved their bottom line, while 43% of food and drinks companies claimed it had helped their client communications. Moreover, of the company types whose owners said they’d benefitted from an app, top of the list was restaurants.

Apps aren’t just a smart, user-friendly and personalised way to communicate with – and market your business to – existing and potential customers; thanks to specific features (such as coupons, discounts and loyalty schemes) they also drive up sales directly. Exploiting the likes of coupon and reward-based attributes are perfect apps benefits for restaurants and takeaways – they better connect them with customers making them aware of new enterprises your business may be launching and encouraging them to indulge in your service.

Advanced – but easy-to-set-up – app features are also ideal; a good example being ‘geofencing’, which enables the app to send a customer a message or ‘prompt’ as soon as their mobile device is in close proximity of your restaurant or takeaway, thus ensuring you can target people via hyper-local campaigns. Should you be interested in taking advantage of such features and adding them to an app you have mind, then at Appstrue we’d be only too happy to guide you through what’s available and what will benefit your business best.

Of course, ultimately an app is about the bottom line, but like so many things in business it’s a little more complicated than that – it does this in more than just one way. An app too then is about your brand and its perception.

Being it’s at the forefront of digital technology, an app ensures your brand’s logo pops up on someone’s touchscreen as soon as they switch on their mobile device, giving a powerful message about how dynamic your business and its aims are.

Indeed, Appsme’s survey also revealed that four out of five of small business owners (81%) felt that having an app made them look good. Moreover, a quarter of them (25%) believed it made their business ‘look cool’ in the eyes of their customers and, perhaps most significantly, 12% thought it helped them keep customers. Sure, this last statistic isn’t enormous, but any advantage a company might find to retain custom is worthwhile; in fact it’s all-important. So, the question remains – can your business really afford to be without an app?

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