SMEs – maximising mobile apps to compete with bigger businesses

SMEs – maximising mobile apps to compete with bigger businesses

Harnessing the benefits of mobile apps has become a fashionable trend among large organisations – in fact, so much so, it’s fast becoming a necessity for them. But the functionality and ease of use of an app means it’s universal. In short, if you’re a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), the app is one tool you can use to level the playing field with larger competitors. Here are three examples:

1. Cost-effectiveness

When it comes down to it, running a business is all about money – keeping your costs low and making a profit. Launching an app need not cost the Earth; in fact, although some companies happily spend a great deal on doing so, many don’t. At Appstrue, we work with businesses to create apps that are not only cost-efficient but successfully engage with their pre-existing and potential customers. A little creative thinking – as well as the commitment to create a user-friendly experience – goes a very long way.

2. Value-added services

It’s been estimated that almost 90% of smartphone owners use their devices for shopping or shopping-related activities. The potential for e-commerce via app technology is enormous. Simply through the conduit of the mobile app, users are able not just to see what services a business offers and then order or make a purchase, but also take advantage of value-added services like in-app coupons and loyalty cards. Traditionally, we may think of such benefits as the preserve of the biggest and most powerful companies, but app technology ensures SMEs can offer them too, relatively cheaply and very easily. Furthermore, touching on the cost-effective point above, using your app to tap into the full functionality of a customer’s smartphone (such as, say, if you own a restaurant, encouraging a potential visitor to book a table through their device’s scheduling tool or a push message) can not only make you money but save you money (you can ensure the restaurant won’t suffer from empty tables). It’s been said that US SMEs save a staggering $67.5 billion a year by maximising mobile technology.

3. Customer engagement like never before

Statistics suggest people check their smartphones as many as 150 times a day. So it doesn’t take a genius to realise that if someone has downloaded your business’s app and its logo is sitting in place on their homescreen, the possibility of engagement with that pre-existing or potential customer is huge. Moreover, the engagement can be thoroughly interactive. With smartphones giving their owners access to features such as social media, scheduling tools and click-to-call as and when they wish, interaction with that person becomes not just about frequency but quality. In contrast to old-fashioned, one-dimensional and expensive advertising (print, billboards, TV and radio), marketing via mobile app technology offers ever increasing flexibility and diversity.

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