Online Takeaway Platforms and Mobile Apps

Online Takeaway Platforms and Mobile Apps

On-line takeaway platforms, such as Just Eat, Hungry House and Deliveroo, among others, are a hugely popular way to order food, making customers aware of the breadth of their options in a time when takeaways are more popular than ever. The money spent on take-out dinner in Britain is expected to reach almost £8 billion this decade, a growth of 28%.

However, while on-line platforms can help individual companies reach a wide customer base, they also often deprive them of a huge slice of the pie by charging them huge amounts to feature on the site initially, and then taking a hefty commission on each order. Often, takeaway companies would be better off having their own individual app, through which customers can browse menus, order their favourite dish, and save their preference and payment details for future use.

According to a survey by Nationwide, households buy three takeaways per month. On-line takeaway platforms can be useful in helping people find a takeaway in the first place – when they move to a new area, for example. Ordinarily, people will settle on a favourite takeaway and repeatedly order from them whenever they order a certain type of food. When people use an on-line takeaway platform to do this, the takeaway is losing out on profit with each order, which it wouldn’t do if returning customers were using the restaurant’s own app.

Companies benefit in other ways from using their own apps, too. They can create loyalty points systems for returning customers, provide digital coupons, and engage their customers with discounts and competitions. If a company is a sit-down restaurant as well as a takeaway service, having their own app can also provide customer service features such as table bookings. Another advantage is the possibility of engaging directly with customers using push notifications, and the possibility for social media integration – allowing customers to provide and share reviews, and thus engage potential new customers.

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