Mobile apps: food for thought for restaurants and takeaways

Mobile apps: food for thought for restaurants and takeaways

Every restaurant and takeaway wants to cook up a storm, of course, but unless it develops regular – and, frankly – loyal custom, it’ll struggle to survive, let alone serve up a treat for its consumers. Eateries, whatever sort of food they produce (whether it be fast food or haute cuisine) should therefore join the 21st century and take advantage of the latest digital mobile technology – specifically, create an app for their business that’s accessible on existing and potential customers’ handheld devices. Dubious of the benefits this would deliver? Then read on…


Perhaps the most obvious benefit – customers can book a table or order their food from you wherever they are, whether they’re at home or on the move. This will very likely drive up the volume of bookings and orders you receive owing to increased booking/ordering flexibility from the customers’ point of view, resulting in more sales for you.

QR coupons and push notifications

By downloading your app, a customer becomes a captive audience for your business – so take advantage of it! Incentivise their loyalty (or literally create a loyalty scheme on the app) by offering QR (code) coupons or redeemable loyalty tabs. Also, cheaper than text message marketing, push notifications are an easy way to alert customers with access to your app of any promotions, offers or other events you’ve got going on.

Reviews and testimonials

One of the most effective business drivers online is via prospective customers reading good reviews of companies written by previously satisfied customers – it’s the Internet’s equivalent of good word of mouth and it can truly spread like wildfire. In order to exploit this benefit, you should ensure your app has a review/ testimonial feature, plus you can easily leverage your restaurant and takeaway app so customers are able to quickly comment, rate and recommend you on social media (Facebook and Twitter).

Gallery andnewsletter 

Sort of similar to good online reviews are images posted on the ’Net of the food people have consumed thanks to your business – by sharing snaps of your food, existing customers are undoubtedly creating buzz about what you do and you can encourage them to do so through your app. And, in a similar vein to push notifications, only more detailed and little more old-school, a newsletter feature on your app – consisting of further loyalty-encouraging promotions and offerings –would be another up-tick for developing regular customers.


Conversely, far from old-school would be an app location that, via a GPS signal, directs a customer to your restaurant or takeaway, saving them having to work out the route themselves via directions they’d otherwise have to read and work out or, yes, bring up on their handheld device via a web browser. Don’t doubt it; an app for your business could definitely deliver you this benefit – and many more.

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