Marketing Your Takeaway Business via an App

Marketing Your Takeaway Business via an App

Everyone knows that on-line platforms like Just Eat and Hungry Horse have made ordering a takeaway easier than ever. However, if takeaways develop and use their own apps, they stand to gain a lot: they don’t have to pay any commission or a subscription fee to use a platform service, and they can engage directly with their customer base. The latter point is particularly important, given that, once customers have found a takeaway of a particular type in their area, they will tend to use it repeatedly, and this can be consolidated by using an app to provide returning customers with a reward programme, offers and discounts.

If you are sit down restaurant as well as a takeaway service, the use of an app can also help customers to enquire about availability and book a table. Reviews can also be integrated within your app. These are incredibly important, and have become even more so since the dawn of the internet, magnifying the effect of word-of-mouth reputation – which has always been crucial to the growth and consolidation of any business’s customer base – by many times. The vast majority of on-line shoppers will read reviews of a business before buying any of their products, and the majority of these describe reviews as a ‘highly important’ factor in whether or not they buy. With your own app, you can integrate a reviews section with social media platforms so that people can share their reviews with followers and friends, potentially expanding your customer base.

Apps improve customer service by providing menus and pricing information and allowing them to make an order at the touch of a button. In-app offers, discounts and loyalty schemes then keep them coming back. You can contact your customers directly using push notifications and in-app messaging. This creates a two-way dialogue, whereby you can promote products to encourage customers to spend more, and also improve customer experience by allowing them, for example, to let you know of any special dietary requirements they have. You can also ensure that they are provided with the most up-to-date restaurant information, including things like menus, opening times, maps and so on – not to mention picture galleries with mouthwatering pictures of your delicious food. Having your own app will benefit both you and your customers, and will do so while saving you money in the long run compared to takeaway platform services.

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