instagram insight: how to get the most out of the social media platform

instagram insight: how to get the most out of the social media platform

Some social media platforms are so famous that even if you don’t use them, you’ll have heard of them. We’re talking Facebook and Twitter here. And Instagram. In fact, of those three, Instagram is an interesting case.

Although it may not be as a universal as the other two (it’s an app so can only be accessed via a mobile device/ tablet and it’s image-based), according to a recent study, Instagram’s the most effective of all social media networks when it comes to consumer engagement; apparently it delivers ‘58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter’.

But what does that mean? Well, it surely means any business worth its salt should sit up and take notice of Instagram. At appstrue then, we’d certainly encourage you to embrace the power of posted imagery – here are five essential Instagram business tips for successfully launching your company on this social media platform…

Your username is your brand – and vice versa
First, it’s pretty critical you include your business name in your Instagram username – and your location too, if relevant (for instance, ‘@TotallyCupcakesTorquay’). Not only does this mean your existing customers can easily find you, it also means new customers will discover you and become familiar with and understand your brand.

Leverage your bio
Live links are hugely powerful online; however, your account’s bio is the only place where you can include one on Instagram, so make the most of it. Alongside that then, it’s very important you get the rest of your bio right. Be sure it’s not a lazy copy-and-paste job from your website’s ‘About us’ page. Be original and creative, but also concise. And make sure that live link connects to your site.

Post strategically
As mentioned, the difference between Instagram and other social media is that it’s entirely image-driven; this means you have to pause and think before you post an ‘update’. What message do you want to put out there to your followers with your image? Remember it ought to fit with your businesses’ offering; with its products and/ or services; with its purpose and mission. You can’t afford to get this wrong.

The only way users can filter – and search for – content on Instagram is by using the hashtag (‘#’) – that is, to put one in front of words and phrases with no gaps in between. What does that mean? Using hashtags in the content you include in posts is very powerful. So, before you do so, think about your demographic. What keywords are they going to look for? Note: quantity over quality is key here; too many hashtags looks like overkill.

Don’t go cold
As with any social media account, you must stay active on Instagram – otherwise there’s no point. If you don’t, it suggests your whole business has gone cold. So keep posting and keep interacting with your followers – that often means answering their queries. Remember, they’re your existing and potential customers, after all!

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