get with it: why mobiles and apps are the present – as well as the future – of business

get with it: why mobiles and apps are the present – as well as the future – of business

You may have heard this mantra before, you may have heard it often – but that’s because it’s true: for businesses, mobile devices aren’t the future; they’re the present. Just take a look at the data – the mobile industry is worth more than $1.6 trillion, so says The New York Times, while Business Insider reports that nearly a billion smartphones were shipped in 2013.

Another reason why mobiles are such a big deal is because, right now, they’re the only media devices growing in terms of hours spent using them. Desktop, radio and print usage-hours all went down in 2013, but mobile usage-hours increased by 8%. And whenever the Internet’s accessed by someone, more than one in five times it’s happening on a mobile device.

Plus, when it comes to business-specific activity via smartphones, the numbers too just keep going up and up. Nearly one quarter of all e-commerce traffic and more than one eighth (13%) of e-commerce sales take place on mobiles now. Moreover, in 2013 the big-hitters that are PayPal, Apple and Starbucks enjoyed transactions conducted via smartphones worth $30 billion, $10 billion and $1billion respectively.

But what about smaller businesses? Is it really worth it for SMEs to get in on the smartphone revolution and launch a business app? You better believe it. Research, commissioned by AT&T and the Small Business & Entrepreneurship (SBE) Council in the US, suggests that SMEs already save up to $67.5 billion a year by using apps, tablets, and mobile devices. At appstrue we couldn’t agree more. Getting involved with mobile devices and launching and running an app has the potential for significantly increasing not just your visibility, but your revenues – and that’s true for whatever kind of company you own; a restaurant, say, an events company, a beauty parlour or a dog-walking service. Or, yes, absolutely anything else.

Quite frankly, if you run a business – whatever its size or whatever it produces, sells and whoever it services – but are yet to embrace mobile technology and unlock the huge benefits and advantages awaiting you by representing and bolstering your company via an app, you’re missing out. In fact, we’d argue that smartphone- and app-thinking should be at the very centre of your business strategy. Because mobile (and app technology) has become an enormously important channel for reaching customers and ultimately sparking and making sales. It’s not the future of business; it’s the present.

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