food thought: how an app could revolutionise your restaurant

food thought: how an app could revolutionise your restaurant

Waiting staff in restaurants work extremely hard – of course they do – with many facing a near impossible task not to be rushed off their feet. And when they are, it’s hardly a great advert for a restaurant, given it tends to aggravate customers and prevent the place running like clockwork. However, thanks to the ever increasing use and capability of apps, those days may be over.

Now, nobody’s suggesting replacing waiters and waitresses with digital technology, but why not employ the likes of mobile devices and tablets to make their lives easier? After all, for their part, diners appear to be in favour of the idea. According to the US National Restaurant Association, more than half of the consumers it surveyed on the issue claimed ‘they would use table side electronic payment options’, while more than four in 10 of them (44%) suggested they’d use tablet menus.

Unsurprisingly then, some business owners have already woken up to the app benefits for restaurants that digital platforms offer and, having deployed them, they’ve reported of rising profits, increased inventory turnover and improved customer satisfaction.

Specifically speaking, though, if you run a restaurant, what added service can you expect an app to offer your diners? Well, here at appstrue, we believe the list’s a long one – it’s far more than, say, just enabling restaurants to post daily updated menus or letting users make reservations. Indeed, splitting it into three sections – the before, during and after experiences – here are some of the possibilities:

• before – imagine how popular your restaurant could be should your diners be able, via your app, to send their orders to a tablet at their table, ensuring their food arrives precisely when they plan to arrive themselves?

• during – to avoid a waiter or waitress dealing with more customers’ issues than they can reasonably handle, why not ensure a customer can then, via the app/ their tablet, change their order, confirm it and send it to the kitchen themselves?

• after – you might also use an app to collate customer data and monitor customer behaviour (their menu choices, how long they spent in the restaurant and their satisfaction level); such data could then be used to drive up customer retention (offer them discounts on favourite dishes and suggest new but relevant menu choices for them).

So, as you can see, the possibilities may be practically endless should your business launch an app. Increasing customer loyalty and driving your restaurant’s revenue? An app might just serve them up on a plate.

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