Five reasons your business should launch a mobile app

Five reasons your business should launch a mobile app

Mobile apps are essential for businesses that want to connect and engage with customers as effectively as possible.


The days when people used a mobile phone just to talk to each other are long gone. Now we live in the age of the smartphone, with organisations harnessing digital technology to engage with customers in a highly direct way. How do they do this? Mobile apps. If your business isn’t a part of the smartphone revolution and connecting with customers via a mobile app, you need to put that right. Here are five reasons why:


  1. Recognition

What better engagement can there be than someone seeing your logo on their phone’s homescreen every time they check it or switch it on? When a customer downloads your app, its logo pops up and stays on their phone’s screen, automatically reminding them of your business and what it means to them. It keeps you firmly lodged in their mind.


  1. Engagement

With your logo in prime position on your customer’s screen, it ensures you’re just one click away from a phone call, an email or a Tweet. Mobile app technology has enabled connection between a business and a customer with an ease, speed and magnitude like never before.


  1. Impress your customers

Look at the world today, we’re surrounded by digital technology – smartphones, streaming, ebooks and so on. People have gone digital in their billions; they’re all enthusiasts. So boosting your business with a mobile app won’t just connect you with customers, it will impress them. It will tell them you’re serious about what you do; that how you operate is modern and you can be trusted to deliver. It’s always been true that organisations exploiting the latest technology stand out from the crowd – today it’s essential for them to keep up to date by embracing the benefits of a mobile app.


  1. Getting your customers to work for you

The beauty of the mobile app is that it can be shared. Through in-built functionality, a smartphone enables someone to share an app with anyone else via social media, namely sites like Facebook and Twitter. This means building an app ensures your customers – with just one or two touches of their screen – will alert other potential customers of your existence and what you’re all about. It’s like spreading your message through ‘word of mouth’, only far more reliable – you’re controlling the message.


  1. Making you money

Because launching a mobile app will drive up your customer base, it will also make you money – with you doing relatively little. Empowering your customers to market your business by sharing your app will generate new business. If just one customer shares your app with five people and they do the same and each new person does the same, you’ll engage with thousands of new customers. Quite clearly then, the mobile app is an incredibly flexible and powerful marketing tool.

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