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social integration

information & content






live video

push notifications

Send scheduled push-notifications to reach your audience anywhere, anytime. Create notification groups for sending specific messages to targeted audiences – instantly show them what your business has to offer!

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instant messaging

View, manage, and create conversations – all this in an interface that’s intuitive for your user. You’ll love the personalised conversation interface that respects the look & feel of your app.



Authorise access to all or a part of your app only to users who have a login/password



Manage the user community in your app


User groups

Form user groups and define their access rights

social media integration

Enable your audience to view and interact with Facebook, Twitter & Instagram with a sleek and beautiful presentation of your content. Easy to connect and very important for your social image.

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your loyalty platform

Every time a client visits your establishment or makes a purchase, he earns a loyalty point on his card. Once the card is complete, it’s time for you to reward them with a gift.

How does it work? Simple. Define an action. Your client performs it. He earns a point on his loyalty card. QR code, manual check-in, social media sharing, you name it.

Attract new customers and provide incentives for your existing clients to visit more often. Use your couponing campaigns for a standalone business or, on the contrary, for a network of businesses. With the option to categorise coupons you can deliver deals for several businesses, along with information about the specific shops where each coupon applies.

stand out from your competition

Your app with be equipped with all the features you need to engage in conversation – you can now mingle with your users



Showcase and display the content of your blog or website; wordpress, WMaker, blogger, wp.com and more



Users submit photos, videos, or text. Content will appear in the back office, where you can decide whether to publish it or not

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event calendar

Share all future events and details with your users, allowing them to be aware of upcoming happenings



Enrich your location(s) with a description, photos, videos, and all important information needed to reach and enjoy each destination


contact form

Allow your customers to get in touch by letting them call or email you from your app. Create forms to gain all important feedback


live streaming

Offer your users a live audio stream or video broadcast they can watch on their phone, so they never miss a thing!

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