cause a promotion commotion: how to publicise your app

cause a promotion commotion: how to publicise your app

Launching an app is all very well and good – it’s highly likely to bring significant benefits to your business’s bottom line – but unless existing and potential customers know it exists, it’s arguably a bit pointless. What you need then is to come up with a solid promotion strategy for your app.

In combination with good app store optimisation (ASO) – that is, making sure the app is available in app stores as conveniently and effectively as possible – there are three particular things we at appstrue suggest you focus on in publicising your app. They are: strategic use of your other digital assets, physical visibility of the app’s QR code and producing, publishing and getting shared content about the app.

Here are our suggestions in more detail…

1. Leverage your digital assets
• include a prominent text-based link – or even a banner – on your website to promote your app

• stimulate app downloads with incentives (i.e. “Download our app right now and get this great, exclusive coupon!”)

• add an app store icon (which takes customers directly to the app’s page in stores) along with your other social media icons

• talk about – or even share content from – your app on your social media accounts each week or even more often

• make the most of anniversaries, special occasions and promotions by using them as reasons to engage your social media visitors with app teasers

• always reply to feedback and encourage user reviews of your app.

2. Promote via the app’s QR code

• if your company has an outlet, be sure to make your app’s QR code highly visible (i.e. in shop windows and on cash desks)

• include a call to action (CTA) next to these displays of the code (i.e. “Download our QR code!”)

• put the code on your print materials; that is, signs, posters, flyers, newsletters and – if relevant – business cards

• why not print the code on promotional materials too, like t-shirts, coasters, cups, napkins and bags?

Promote via content
• blog about your app – send the post to your customers or clients on your email database and promote it via social media, relevant forums and content aggregators

• film a video about your app – post it on YouTube, but also on your website, your business’s social media accounts and on relevant forums and content aggregators

• launch a dedicated landing page for the app, making sure to include its QR code, aforementioned blog posts, videos and direct links to its pages in app stores

• encourage bloggers and members of your business network to share your content about the app.

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