Brand perfection: how an app can build brand appeal

Brand perfection: how an app can build brand appeal

Running a business isn’t easy; there are so many things to take care of. You don’t need telling that, of course, but now and again you may need a gentle nudge to remember the importance of branding. As its positive effect on the bottom line may not be immediate, brand-building can easily get put off, but here’s why you have to engage in it – as well as something you can do to make sure you do…

We’re all storytellers

Don’t doubt it; as a business owner you’re a storyteller and your company’s story is told through its brand. Because a brand is fuller and richer than single products on their own, it encompasses all sorts of other hard-to-pin-down things, namely imagery, style and emotional association, making it a very powerful thing – a chance to create a unique narrative that sets you apart from your rivals. Indeed, in the words of brand strategist Catherine Kaputa (on the Harvard Business Review blog): “whether you’re an established or aspiring small business owner, the best apply a bold and powerful simplicity to the branding process”.

It’s timeless…

It doesn’t matter about the size of your company then – whether you’re the biggest in your market or a small sized enterprise trying to find your niche – your brand can be as powerful as anyone else’s. Instead, it’s all about how compelling and appealing the brand is – and talking of size, the beauty of a brand is that the whole’s much bigger than the sum of its parts. So, if one of your products or services doesn’t work out as well as it might, with a strong brand, your business will survive – and thrive. Say you run a restaurant and a customer complains of a bad meal; no worries, if all the other customers trust your brand, they’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and come back. There’s no automatic sell-by date on your brand.

business brand apps

An excellent way to strengthen the message, the story of your brand and build its awareness with your audience is by launching an app. Yes, business brand apps allow you and, of course, your customers to do many things; using restaurants as an example again, via an app it’s possible clients will be able not just to book a table but also order from the menu before they turn up, as well as take advantage of deals, offers and be kept abreast of what’s going on. Yet, at a more basic, more fundamental level, an app explicitly sells your brand to whomever downloads it to their mobile device – with its carefully designed look and content, it’s a personification of your business that customers carry around in their pockets.

… but there’s no time like the present

So the power of branding is enormous and, for that reason, you should really start building your brand equity as soon as you can. It’s a process that starts with the creation of brand awareness and, eventually, leads to the good stuff, brand loyalty – which is where (as with our restaurant example above) people come back for more. Sure, time is tight; it always is in business, but you’ve got to find and make time for branding because the potential payoff is huge – and launching and maintaining a strong app, in partnership with us appstrue, is an excellent way to go about it.

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