App To The Future: The Way Forward For Your Restaurant

App To The Future: The Way Forward For Your Restaurant

Building, launching and maintaining an app for your restaurant versus running a responsive website – surely the latter’s a better bet than the former, isn’t it? Surely relying on the former over the latter would result in a dog’s dinner rather than the icing on the cake?

It would take a bold restaurateur to abandon their business’s website for an app, granted, and it’s probably not a wise move, but embracing the power of the smartphone and getting an app off the ground and running could seriously boost their business. But why?

User Expectation

Don’t doubt it; people love their mobile devices. They use them for so many different things in today’s hectic world; why not exploit that for your restaurant? They’ll  likely be only too eager to oblige you – after all, already they use their smartphones to search for nearby eateries, browse their menus, check their opening and closing times, read reviews about them and make reservations (at the touch of their touch-screen).

One Tap Away

A website is a fantastic resource for information, but in terms of getting potential customers to interact with your business, apps are the way forward. Of all the app benefits for restaurants, this is a big one. A user need only tap on your establishment’s logo on their screen (having downloaded your app) and they’re away. Conversely, a website experience requires them to log online, wait for decent reception, type a keyword into a search engine and peruse a list of outlets – one of which will hopefully be yours.

Mobile Marketing

Marketing via mobile devices is there to be exploited to drive up revenue; it’s as simple as that. Thanks to location-based services (‘geofencing’), promotional offers, coupons and vouchers, and prompts (‘push messages’) about special events your restaurant may be hosting, you can engage your customers immediately they tap that app logo of yours through these features that can all be scheduled and sent automatically. And in a very personalised way; your business offers and more are literally in their hand. At Appstrue we can guide you and help you choose which features would be best suited to an app for your business.

Customer Loyalty

Again, that logo of yours staring up at a customer from their touchscreen whenever they switch on their smartphone can be a huge boon for your business. Think about it: they’ve downloaded your restaurant’s app for one of two reasons; one, they’re very interested in visiting your establishment or, two, they’ve already visited it and want to keep to up to date with what’s going on there. Take advantage of this. Set up a customer loyalty programme and invite them to participate via the app features. No question, with an app, your restaurant really can cook up a storm!

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