10 Signs Your Business Should Invest In Mobile

10 Signs Your Business Should Invest In Mobile

More and more people are now using smartphones and tablets rather than laptops therefore the majority of people research products and services on their mobile devices.

Investing in mobile ready apps and websites can mean big changes for your business, whether large, mid-sized or small.

10 reasons an app or mobile ready site would benefit your business are:

  1. If most of your business comes from customers searching on their mobiles device then it is a sure sign you need to go mobile. You can find this out by web analysis or surveys.
  2. If your website has a lot of information on it then this can look jumbled on a mobile screen and will not be easily navigated so providing a mobile accessible website or app will make easier use for your customers.
  3. You can beat your competition in reaching customers through upgraded mobile marketing.
  4. Businesses can use mobile apps to provide a reward system for customers as a loyalty programme for an intriguing way to encourage customers to use your product/service. This can be easily updated by your company and easily accessed by the customer within an app rather than carrying small cards around with them that can be easily lost.
  5. Customers can be encouraged to download your business app and or to look on your mobile ready website at any time and in any place with their smartphone or tablet to keep them informed of any special events or promotions coming up to keep them interested in your product/service. This also enables customers to share your events with friends and family.
  6. A mobile app can contribute to brand awareness as you can design it however you like to give the right vibe from your business and include features your customers will love.
  7. The more you can encourage customers to use your app, the sooner they are likely to use your product/services. Getting noticed is an essential route to success, so bear that in mind when designing your app.
  8. The biggest advantage in having a mobile app is you can create a direct marketing channel for all your company general information in one place e.g. prices, accounts, contact, news feeds etc., without the need for your customers to complete multiple internet searches.
  9. Having a messaging centre on your app can improve customer engagement and communication without having to talk directly by phone which many customers may prefer.
  10. Make your app icon or mobile website as visible as possible by making it appear on most internet search engines. It is believed that if your site is seen around 20 times by a customer then they are more likely to make a connection/purchase with you. So get your name out there.

The companies that have made these upgrades have taken their marketing to the next level in the modern day business world.

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